Enriching Informatica IDMC, IICS or Cloud: Leveraging the Power of Release and Deployment Automation

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InfoDyn creates value, supports the Informatica IDMC/IICS/Cloud and DataOps integration leading to improved productivity, cost savings and overall efficiency in the data management processes.

InfoDyn’s solutions create value

Improved System and Application Availability: By automating deployment processes, InfoDyn’s solution ensures that systems and applications are consistently available and operational. This reduces  downtime and increases productivity across the organisation.

Enhanced Data Quality and Transparency: InfoDyn’s solution delivers better data quality and transparency, ensuring regulatory compliance and accurate reporting. This allows managers to make more informed decisions based on accurate, reliable data.

Error Reduction: Managing and automating all different deployment environments minimises human error and prevents costly mistakes. This saves resources and prevents the need for rework, thus increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs.

Time Saving: By significantly reducing manual/repetitive task labour improved system availability, the solution contributes to cost savings for the organisation. Managers can allocate these saved resources to other critical areas. 

ROI Estimation: InfoDyn encourages an initial ROI estimation to help managers see the potential value of implementing their solution.


Informatica IDMC/IICS/Cloud

InfoDyn’s comprehensive solution provides robust support for diverse file systems, database artifacts, data integration entities, and assets. Additionally, it incorporates the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) and Cloud Services (IICS) within a singular application, conferring numerous benefits:

Unmatched Accessibility: With our browser-based solution, you can tap into your deployment tool from anywhere, fostering seamless collaboration and efficient data management. Whether you need to examine a deploy definition, approval process, or just verify the status of a previous code migration, access is just a click away.

Swift Installation and Configuration: Our solution promises a rapid setup, minimizing both the time and resources needed for implementation, getting you up and running in no time. Seamlessly integrate it into your existing deployment environment and start optimizing your operations in no time.

Training and Best Practices: InfoDyn provides team workflow training, administration training, and shares best practices to ensure that users can maximise the potential of the solution.

deploy definition deployment environment informatica idmc iics cloud

DataOps Integration

InfoDyn’s solution integrates with DataOps methodologies, which offer several advantages:

Agile Data Management: DataOps promotes agility in data management, enabling organisations to quickly adapt to changing business requirements and data landscapes.

Enhanced Collaboration: By fostering a culture of collaboration between data engineers, data scientists, and other stakeholders, DataOps ensures that data management processes are aligned with
organizational goals.

Continuous Improvement: DataOps emphasizes continuous improvement in data management processes, ensuring that the organisation is always optimising its data integration and management efforts.

HOW long does it take to be implemented?

  • Business case / ROI analysis showing value creation (1 week)
  • Short Demo over video or in person showing ease of use (1 hour)
  • Loop back with questions from team and show value to them (1 week)
  • Support for comparison & allow time for informed decision (flexible)
  • Implementation easy completed on browser application (1 week)
  • Installation and configuration (1 day)
  • Team workflow training (1-2 days)
  • Administration training (1 day)
  • Learning from best practices (1-2 days)

Result: Depending on your decision and feedback time, IDem can be up-and-running within a few weeks.