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Which versions of Informatica does ID Environment Manager support?

Version 4.x of ID environment manager supports all current versions of Informatica, including PowerCenter: starting at 8.X via 9.X, up to 10.4..

How does one access ID Environment Manager?
ID environment manager is accessed via a standard web browser.
What web browsers are supported?
The following web browsers are supported: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
Does ID environment manager have independent historization?
All objects stored in the file repository and database repository are fully historized.
Is a versioned Informatica repository necessary for using ID environment manager?
ID environment manager can be used with a versioned as well as with an unversioned Informatica repository.
How does ID Environment Manager interact with Informatica?
ID environment manager and Informatica interact solely though Informatica’s own mechanisms (ENFACED resp. PMREP).

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