Renowned global companies are trusting InfoDyn’s solution for their release and deployment processes, knowing they are in good hands. 

We will be glad to provide references upon request and in agreement with our customer’s confidentiality preferences. Some of our success stories include government agencies, large banking companies, health insurance and recycling industries.  

Financial Services

 “…A unified approach to deployment in all environments and a single source for the code” or “…delays in the audit trail are a thing of the past – now we can see all the details at any time. The auditors are happy.”

Health Insurance

“…No more instructions for manual processes – instead, everything is in a single application.”


“…Thanks to the possibilities unlocked by automation we no longer need to manually update scripts.”

Government Agency

“…When one coworker was on vacation and the other was out sick, I was still able to carry out the deployment without technical knowledge.”
“…a perfect consolidation of software deployment and the related processes.”

Please, note that for data protection and privacy reasons we cannot name any of our customers on our website. You can learn more about InfoDyn’s references during a personal conversation with us. We will also be happy to put you in touch with our customers upon request.

DataOps Solution for Informatica Data Integration

Do you have the best tool support for your DataOps initiative?

Attaining the benefits and advantages of DataOps methodology in conjunction with Informatica products has never been more straightforward.

Standardised, reliable and convenient.

Compliance, Regulations & Security

InfoDyn’s solution covers you with:

  • Audit trail
  • Segregation of duties
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Approval process

using its high security concept.

Informatica IDMC/IICS

InfoDyn relieves deployment complexity handling:

  • Informatica IDMC/IICS/PC/MR
  • File & DBMS artifacts
  • Automation & Integration

Release & Deployment Automation easy and safe.

Are you completely satisfied with your Informatica deployment processes?

InfoDyn is the release management software focused on Informatica.

Focus on essential tasks and let InfoDyn do the rest.

InfoDyn, is the Informatica deployment platform you can trust. 

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